The Issues

“…that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

An informed citizenry that is committed to vote for liberty will operate our Constitutional Republic—we will not be controlled by a king or tyrant!

Your Taxes

Grocery Tax – There are only five states of all fifty that tax groceries,  and Idaho is among them!  How does the Idaho legislature justify the taxation of food items? Food is essential to survival, so when our government levies taxes against it, they have a guaranteed class of Americans who are coerced to pay them. To those politicians who claim that they care about the poorest of our citizens, but then condone the unjust taxation of our food, I would say, “YOU are hurting those poorest citizens, NOT us.” The number of dollars that Idaho receives varies by whom you listen to, but it could be as high as $34 million ($34,000,000).  Out of 2021-2022 budget of $11.271 BILLION, does that sound like it might break the state coffers to you?

Property Tax – Taxes on our property are running out of control due to the appreciation of home values across the state.  If we are to keep taxing properties in Idaho, the rate of home price inflation must be harnessed and controlled. If it were fiscally tenable, I would be in full support of abolishing property taxes. Property taxes are an unbalanced form of taxation. As we all know, the liberals love it.

2nd Amendment

I believe that the United States Constitution says it best, “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” While Idaho is known as a “constitutional carry” state, your right to keep and, specifically, to bear arms, is constantly under attack, both from the federal government and from lobbyists here in Idaho. As your Representative to the Idaho state House I vow to support all bills that reinforce the second amendment, and will work to draft legislation that guarantees your second amendment right is never infringed in the state of Idaho.

Election Integrity

We as citizens of Idaho should demand nothing less than 100% accuracy in all our elections. Phil McGrane (Ada county Clerk and candidate for Secretary of State on the May primary ballot) took $490,000 in Facebook-provided money for Ada County leading up to the 2020 election, then he instructed Twin Falls and twenty-one other Idaho counties to take special interest money as well.  Do you think maybe those dollars had an adverse effect on our elections? I do.


Idaho’s surface & ground water rights are being threatened by the very Republican legislators whom we elected to protect them. Through IDAPA (the Idaho Administrative Procedures Act) and the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (IDEQ) is ceding your water rights to the United Nations. This is outrageous, and as your Representative, I would fully support legislation to restore Idaho’s shared water rights to its citizens, and remove them from the authority of the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

Rights of the Unborn

Life is sacred. You will notice I didn’t write, “I believe” before that statement. Truth is true, whether we acknowledge it or not. The greatest travesty of American justice of the past fifty years is undoubtedly the sanctioned murder of the unborn. The rights of American citizens should be protected no matter what stage of life they find themselves in; whether elderly and infirm or helpless within their mother’s womb. I support efforts to abolish and criminalize abortion in the state of Idaho and beyond.


The primary duty of Idaho’s Legislators when dealing with federal laws, regulations, and overreach, is to uphold and defend the sovereignty of the State of Idaho. Any federal regulation that is imposed upon our state that are not constitutional should, by right and by duty, be nullified in Idaho. An overwhelming majority of our current legislators seem to be happy instead to implement federal statutes that remove our state sovereignty and cede the rights of the individual state to the federal government. As your Representative, I will never give over control of our state to any federal agency, department, or any other bureaucracy, and I will support legislation to strengthen our sovereignty over the federal government.

Mandates that violate our unalienable rights

Violations of our unalienable rights are ruining our constitutional Republic. If the importance & eminent value of our unalienable rights are not obvious to you after the last two years, you may want to consider a move to California or New York where they demonstrate daily what life is like under government that doesn’t respect them. The word unalienable means, “impossible to take away or give up.” They are unalienable because they are granted to us by God, and thus we who are subject to God cannot even give them away. I will support bills to immediately end the state of emergency in our state, and will stand firm against any legislation that seeks, intentionally or unintentionally, to abridge, amend, or remove any of our unalienable rights.

Medical parental consent

No child in the State of Idaho should be able to obtain any form of medical treatment, advise, prescriptions, or consultation at any time without the direct explicit consent of a parent.  Any violation should incur the harshest just legal penalty possible upon the perpetrator of the crime. I would fully support legislation to make this law in Idaho.