About Lyle

I have been married to the lovely Miss Debbie for 44 years.

I have three sons & daughters-in-law, and six grandchildren—and I care deeply about their futures. I have been consistently disappointed and increasingly horrified by the actions of the representatives we elect; now it is time for me to go to Boise and join with other likeminded Liberty-Conscious Representatives to drain the Idaho Republican swamp.

Government in Idaho needs a major pruning, and the top seat needs pruned the hardest. It is time for our elected Representatives to represent Idahoans, not global corporations.  Special interests inside the State agencies and IACI corporations flood the Statehouse with proposed legislation that removes individual rights every year. Meanwhile the People’s representation are rarely able to get bills that limit government, restrict overreach, and promote individual liberties introduced. We must change this; we are already late and every legislative session that passes without reform makes this change closer to impossible.

As part of my pledge to you as your next representative, I signed the Citizens Alliance of Idaho Pledge, which you can find below. It is my promise to you, the voter, to always put individual liberty ahead of government control.

Click here to view my signed pledge

Become Our

Become a grassroots volunteer and champion conservative ideals in Idaho. Join us in defending the sanctity of life, promoting family values, and protecting our constitutional rights. Your involvement goes beyond a campaign; it’s about safeguarding the conservative fabric that defines Idaho. Let’s build a stronger, more conservative future together for District 26.