Our Campaign needs
your help

Thank you for your interest in our campaign! I want to establish a relationship between voting citizens and myself as your government representative in the Idaho legislature. All Idahoans deserve for their elected officials to support our local small business owners. Our elected officials must stop catering to mega-corporations’ desire to rule over all of Idaho. This eventually puts local businesses out of business altogether. If you are familiar with the WEF (World Economic Forum), in the State of Idaho we have a ‘local’ chapter of the WEF called I.A.C.I. (Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry). This organization is not for or about locally owned businesses in any way. I.A.C.I. strictly represents the fascist ideologies of the world’s largest global entities. Your physical & financial help along with the encouragement of your friends and family to help elect liberty candidates like myself are key to taking back Idaho’s largely leftist Legislature. This will also help put a stop to runaway inflation costs and open border trafficking of people and drugs. My opponent in 2022 raised or was gifted approximately $63,000. This highlights our campaign’s primary concern: raising enough money to compete with the establishment’s advertising, mailers, & signs. Allow me to paint a word picture inspired by the Revolutionary War: it is critical to have enough money to buy lead to cast musket balls and to buy powder to fuel our muzzleloaders. As was true of those patriots, the three percent of Idahoans willing to be the fighters need the other 97% to chip in the necessary supplies to defeat the enemy and run them out of our state again!