Musings on the Republican Establishment’s Current Campaign Strategy

Musings on the Republican Establishment’s Current Campaign Strategy

I attended a meeting on the east end of Jerome County on April 4, 2022, and from that meeting I learned one thing: many of the Idaho natives and long-term residents are not at all satisfied with the deception that has plagued our politics for years.  It is RINO Season!

I have also noticed that some incumbent political signs this year reference the Double “L” Duo (Brad Little and Lori Lickley) and from I hear from Jerome residents, I wouldn’t want to be caught with one of those signs on my property!

The residents of District 26 are not happy; the king has been overreaching his authority, his legislative servants and all their new friends on the rise in Idaho politics are not looked upon favorably by the general populace.

Idahoans are slowly discovering that we don’t live in a conservative state, we know that we have been deceived by willful lies, tales spun by imposters.


2022 Spending 2021 Spending
Total 12,900,000,000.00 11,200,000,000.00
Spent per day 35,342,465.75 30,684,931.51

Idaho Legislature Spending Trends

There seem to be a few repeated slogans that the leftists in the Republican party repeat:

  • The last legislative session was the most successful in living memory
    • Translation: “We leftists passed bills to set a new record for spending, up 21.4% from last year. We expanded spending by $1.7 Billion or $4,657,534 PER DAY of spending over and above previous levels!”  There are advantages of wielding a budget with a $2 billion overrun. Unfortunately for us, there are still more people moving to Idaho looking for a conservative state to live in who haven’t yet found out the truth about Idaho, who will provide more tax dollars for even more budgetary overrun.
  • The state legislature passed a $4 Billion budget for Health & Welfare, $11,000,000,000 per day!
      •  Translation: The stellar conservatives that passed this monstrosity of a bill are called RINOs (Republicans In Name Only).
  • Common sense conservative
    • Translation: Candidates with this on their signs are about as common sense as Nancy Pelosi. If they have held public office in the past, you can fairly reliably look into their voting records and see they support leftist, globalist causes and programs.
  • Idaho Ruts (roots)
    • Translation: As a 3rd generation Idahoan, I have come to realize that not all of the blame for these globalists lies with Idaho transplants. Many of the most staunchly establishment RINOs are third and fourth generation Idahoans who have never had to fight for their liberties. These fair weather conservatives assume that Idaho will always be “red” and that they don’t have to lift a finger to insure that.

Idaho is in the crosshairs of the Globalists, plain and simple.  They are foisting green energy projects in our back yards (Lava Ridge, etc), all to benefit globalists and their agenda.  The way they are making inroads here in Idaho is by buying environmentalists in the Republican Party such as those I mentioned above. The Globalists were successful in negotiating deals with some key families and buying out a few locals with whatever bribery it took.

Which people will Idahoans and District 26 voters choose?  Representatives of the People, or those who serve the Global corporate network of I.A.C.I.?   Will we choose true, genuine conservatives, or the establishment Republicans that all talk, walk and herd up together?  Will we elect representatives who will stand for the Constitution and against authoritarianism, or those that served the King of Idaho during his 763 day reign (until April 15th)?

Will we claim Idaho for Idahoans, or will Idaho fall into line with Global governance?

Elect Lyle Johnstone to House seat 26B.

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